Totem Soup Episode 76: I AM BATMAN!

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Tonights Cast:

Intro Music:

Featured Music:
1) Drew Jacobs – I’m Allergic To My Job
2) See No Evil – Fox News
3) The Damsels of Dorkington – I Kissed a Nerd

Freak Nasty News:
Man tries steal car, blames batman

Indian man has hysterectomy after doctors find uterus

8 year old drives drunk, sleeping dad

Lee Co. inmate caught with drug stash in vagina

The service that will turn your loved one into live ammunition

Granddad at 29… but hospital staff demand his ID because they think he’s too young to be the FATHER!

Messy burglar smears house, even dog with PB and J

Cougar gets shot

Plane crash leaves none harmed but the plane in two parts.

Free pot if you vote.

Take my popsicle?! I’ll stab you with…that stick!

Australia has Movie grade shooting bad guys

Bet you I can make a nuclear reactor…in my kitchen!

The Adult Baby – National Geographic, 9pm

Food that dances

Chinese game show unknowingly features suspected murderers

Police order a man to stop wearing a bunny suit and stop scaring the kids

Mayor crushes illegally parked cars with a tank

Dunkin Donuts serves Coffee, donuts and sex.

Woman charged with dangling testicles

Pre-Show Promo:

Shout Outs:
WBNY 91.3 FM – Buffalo’s Original Alternative
Six Year Productions
Travesty Pictures
Aj Jordan
Distorted View
The FuMP
The FuMP Sideshow
Movie Brain Rot
The Abraham Lincoln Show
Ray William Johnson =3
also check out Ray’s new project: Your Favorite Martian and buy a track, or two, or three…

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